How to Fix Vertical Blinds: A Comprehensive Guide by Made in the Shade The Woodlands


Having vertical blinds that are not functioning properly can greatly impact both the appearance and functionality of your home. But don’t worry, Made in the Shade The Woodlands is here to help! Our vertical blinds not only offer easy-to-clean features but also provide excellent light control, ensuring your space remains both stylish and functional.

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We offer expert solutions from our headquarters in The Woodlands. These solutions are delivered directly to communities like Conroe, Magnolia, and Shenandoah. You can receive them right at your doorstep. Before delivery, we can also assist you in measuring your windows accurately, especially if they require more mounting depth, ensuring a perfect fit for your window coverings.

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Understanding Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Door

Faux wood vertical blinds are a common option for large windows and sliding glass doors or large window. They help control light and privacy with an easy adjustment.” They consist of vertical slats that can tilt open or closed and traverse across a track. Common issues include stuck blinds, misaligned slats, or damaged tracks.

Common Problems and DIY Fixes in Doors and Large Window

  1. Slats Won’t Rotate:
  • Cause: The chain or the gear mechanism might be jammed.
  • Fix: Gently tug the chain to see if it loosens. If it doesn’t, spray a little lubricant onto the mechanism.
  1. Slats Falling Off:
  • Cause: Broken or worn out clips.
  • You can easily replace clips. Simply unclip the damaged one and snap a new one in place.
  1. Stuck Blind:
  • Cause: Debris in the track or a bent track.
  • Fix: Clean the track with a damp cloth. If the track is bent, gently straighten it using pliers.
  1. Replacing Vertical Blind Slats:
  • To replace vertical blind slats, first measure the length of your current slat. Then, buy the right size of new slats. Finally, attach the new slats onto the track. Simply measure and install vertical blinds.

Professional Help in The Woodlands and Beyond

Sometimes, you need a professional touch to restore your vertical blinds to their former glory. That’s where Made in the Shade The Woodlands steps in.

Our skilled team can take care of anything from small fixes to full replacements.” We have a variety of vertical blinds for sliding glass or patio doors to match any interior design. Discover the industry-wide recognition our wide window and door solutions receive, and see how to choose vertical blinds offer both functionality and style for your home or office space, making them ideal for areas with high traffic areas.

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We offer professional measuring, professional installation, and access to top-quality brands like Graber Window Treatments and roller Shades. Our solutions include modern technologies like free hanging cord lift systems and motorization. These technologies are a great fit for syncing with your home automation system. Additionally, if you’re in need of vertical blind replacement slats in sliding door, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection to refresh your window coverings.

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